New Calls from Music Moves Europe

Two new calls from Music Moves Europe are now open. 

Professionalisation and training

The call supports innovative and sustainable pilot training programmes that have a European dimension for young musicians and professionals in the music sector to gain individual and organisational professional expertise, e.g. business-related skills . 

  • Deadline: October 31           
  • Duration of the project: Maximum 15 months         
  • Grant: Maximum 90 000 Euro per project


Co-operation of small music venues

The call aims at promoting a sustainable live music distribution through cooperation between small- and medium sized music venues in order to stimulate innovative collaboration models and to enhance venues’ role and identity in the local community. The general objective of this call is to increase the music venues’ capacity to remain competitive in a fast changing market and regulatory environment.

  • Deadline: November 15   
  • Duration of the project: Maximum 15 months
  • Grant: 30 000 – 70 000 Euro per projekt