Applying for EU-funding is often a challenge, especially if you haven’t done it before. An application is often the culmination of a long process, based on a need and an interest in working internationally, seeking new collaborations and operating in the international arena. At the heart of a successful application lies a convincing idea, a strong partnership and a well-thought-out economic estimate and budget. If you are also hae an affinity for project administration and have a strong conviction of the added value of the project, you are already on your way.

The International Resource Office, or IRO, is created to help with all of the above-mentioned aspects. We are here for cultural operators who wish to cooperate internationally, whether you have a completed application or are at the very start of your process and want to develop an internationalization strategy for future applications.

We offer tailored-made advice on the following areas:

  • Idea development
  • Project planning
  • Partnerships and networks
  • Fundraising and budgeting
  • Administrative routines and structures
  • Strategic development
  • Project management

How to get support from IRO:

The first step is to book a consultation through our website. We then set up a meeting, either at our office in Lund or wherever you are in Skåne. Then we work out a plan for how we can work together, what your needs are and how much time we can devote to your project. We are your companion and guide, sounding board and facilitator all the way to the application deadline, and even beyond, until the end of the project.

The aim of this work method is to have the opportunity to respond to the needs of different actors, whether they are at the beginning of their process or ready to submit an application and carry out their project.

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