Skåne in Europe Part II – EU Network and Platform Participation in Skåne

For organisations seeking a way to learn more about working internationally, and a means to connect with other organisations throughout Europe, there are a large number of European networks and platforms – some of which have their work programmes supported through Creative Europe. Providing space for members to share knowledge and experiences, these networks are also often ground zero for cooperation projects: it is through regular meetings with peers in other countries that shared interests and aims emerge and form the basis of collaboration.

Below we collect a list of networks and platforms that have members from Skåne – as well as a few that are yet to have representatives from the region. Those marked with a are currently supported by Creative Europe.

Design, Visual Communication and Visual Arts

* PARALLEL – European Photo Based Platform: Focused on contemporary photography, PARALLEL brings together a broad membership for a two-phase project: creative guidance and mentoring leading to an exhibition platform for artists to show their work.

Skåne members: Landskrona Foto

Other networks / platforms with no members from the Skåne region:
* ADCE – Art Directors Club of Europe
* Conseil des Architectes d’Europe
* Distributed Design Market Platform
* European Photography Platform
* Future Architecture Platform


* ENCATC – European Network of Cultural Administration Training Centres: This network brings together institutions and professionals working in education, training and research within the field of cultural management and policy.

Skåne members: Malmö University School of Arts and Communication

EARN – European Artistic Research Network: A network of higher education institutions and departments that exchanges knowledge and experience in artistic research.

Skåne members: Konsthögskolan i Malmö

ELIA – European League of Institutes of the Arts: ELIA is a cross-disciplinary network of institutions advocating for higher arts education. Among its activities it organises a biennial conference and the transdisciplinary NEU NOW festival.

Skåne members: Institutionen för konst, kultur och kommunikation (K3) – Malmö universitet, The Faculty of Fine and Performing Arts – Lund University

RESEO – European Network for Opera and Dance Education: RESEO is a European network for arts education and creative learning with a specific focus on opera, music and dance. Alongside regular events and an annual conference, the network initiates and participates in a number of European cooperation projects.

Skåne members: Malmö Opera

Film & Audiovisual Media

Cine-Regio: A network of 48 regional film funds in Europe that focuses on knowledge sharing, film policy and co-productions.

Skåne members: Film i Skåne

ECFA – European Children’s Film Association: With more than 125 members, ECFA is a network that advocates for quality and access in European children’s cinema.

Skåne members: BUFF Malmö

* Europa Cinemas: A European and worldwide network of cinemas that focus on screening European films. Among the broad range of its activities, it organises an exchange programme for exhibitors, a programme of audience development and innovation labs, and a biennial conference.

Skåne members: Panora (Malmö), Biografen Spegeln (Malmö), Södran-Mejeriet (Lund), Kino (Lund), Kiviks Bio (Kivik), Bio Vision (Höör), Röda Kvarn (Helsingborg)

Other networks / platforms with no members from the Skåne region:
* European Media Art Platform


* Eurozine: The Eurozine network links 78 cultural journals/magazines in 33 countries. Selected articles from the network are published in its own online magazine.

Skåne members: Fronesis

Other networks / platforms with no members from the Skåne region:
* Versopolis

Museums and Heritage

* Europa Nostra: A large network of cultural heritage organisations and actors, joining NGOs, not-for-profit and private organisations, and individuals throughout Europe. The network itself has a Swedish national representative in the form of Europa Nostra Sweden.

Skåne members: Malmö Förskönings- och Planteringsförening, Birgit Nilsson Society (Båstad)

ICOM – International Council of Museums: ICOM is an international organisation of museums and museum professionals committed to the research, conservation, continuation and communication to society of the world’s natural and cultural heritage.

Skåne members: Dunkers Kulturhus (Helsingborg), Fredriksdals museet & trädgårdar (Helsingborg), Kulturhistoriska föreningen / KULTUREN (Lund), Malmö konstmuseum, Malmö museer, Regionmuseet i Skåne (Kristianstad), Skissernas Museum (Lund), Sofiero Palace and Park (Helsingborg), Sydsvensk Arkeologi AB (Kristianstad),Ystad Konstmuseum

LIKE – European Cities and Regions for Culture European Heritage Alliance 3.3: An informal platform of more than 40 international networks and organisations active in the field of cultural heritage. The name references article 3.3 of the Lisbon Treaty: “[The Union] shall respect its rich cultural and linguistic diversity, and shall ensure that Europe’s cultural heritage is safeguarded and enhanced.”

Skåne members: Malmö City

* NEMO: An independent network of national museum organisations.

Skåne members: Regionmuseet i Skåne

Other networks / platforms with no members from the Skåne region:
* European Route of Industrial Heritage


* AEC – Association Européenne des Conservatoires, Académies de Musique et Musikhochschulen: AEC gathers around 300 member institutions that deliver professional music training in Europe.

Skåne members: Malmö Academy of Music

* Live DMA: Existing to support live music venues and festivals, Live DMA is a network comprised of regional and national live music associations.

Skåne members: Svensk Live (Malmö / Stockholm)

Other networks / platforms with no members from the Skåne region:
* Classical Futures Europe
* ECSA – European Composer & Songwriter Alliance
* European Choral Association
* Europe Jazz Network
* European Music Council – Network of European Music Organisations
* European Talent Exchange Programme
* EuroPluck – European Guitar Collaborative
* Jeunesses Musicales International
* Liveurope
* REMA – European Early Music Network

Performing Arts

* Aerowaves: Supporting dance in Europe, Aerowaves is both a network (with members from over 30 countries in Europe) and a platform that supports dance creators through initiatives including the three-day Spring Forward festival and the audience development programme Aerowaves Audiences.

Skåne members: Dansstationen (Malmö)

* IETM: An international network for the performing arts with over 450 members. Alongside advocacy, research and special projects, IETM organises two large plenary meetings each year.

Skåne members: Trans Europe Halles (Lund)

ISPA – International Society for the Performing Arts: An international network of performing arts organisations and professionals that meets twice a year – once in New York and once in another global city.

Skåne members: Musik i Syd (Kristianstad), Malmö Live, Skånes Dansteater

Opera Europa:A network representing professional opera companies and opera festivals throughout Europe.

Skåne members: Malmö Opera

Other networks / platforms with no members from the Skåne region:
* Circostrada
* CircusNext
* European Dancehouse Network
* European Theatre Convention
* FEDORA Platform

General and Transdisciplinary

* Culture Action Europe: Representing all branches of culture and the arts (performing arts, literature, visual arts, design, etc), Culture Action Europe is a network of organisations, artists, activists, academics and policy-makers that advocates for the role of culture in policy and public debate.

Skåne members: Trans Europe Halles (Lund)

Euro Cities: A network of major cities throughout Europe, Euro Cities works on everything from the environment to the economy. As a member of the network, Malmö City is active in the Culture working group.

Skåne members: Malmö City

ICORN – International Cities of Refuge Network: ICORN is an independent organisation of cities and regions offering shelter to writers and artists at risk of censorship, harassment, imprisonment or violent harm because of their work.

Skåne members: Helsingborg, Lund, Malmö, Skåne Region

On the Move: On the Move is an information network that promotes international mobility, broadcasting opportunities and offering training in cultural mobility.

Skåne members: Trans Europe Halles

* Trans Europe Halles: Trans Europe Halles is a Europe-based network of cultural centres initiated by citizens and artists. The network meets twice a year, with a different member organisation acting as host each time.

Skåne members: Ifö Center (Bromölla), Mejeriet (Lund), Stenkrossen (associate member)

Other networks / platforms with no members from the Skåne region:
* AMATEO – The European Network for Active Participation in Cultural Activities
* European Festivals Association
* European Network of Cultural Centres
* European Storytelling Network
* EUNIC – EU National Institutes for Culture
* Future for Religious Heritage
* IMZ – International Music + Media Centre
* Magic Carpets
* Sound, Heterogeneous Art and Performance in Europe

Information taken from the websites of European networks and platforms. If you see something missing or have your own membership activities to report please get in touch with Partnerships Manager Lina B. Frank on

For info on European cooperation projects and grants see part I of this article here.