Creative Europe 2021-2027

2021 will be the start of the next Creative Europe progamme (also for other EU-programmes as for example Erasmus+). The new programme will last until 2027. This is connected to the EU Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF) that covers the same time period.

According to the proposal from the European Commission a lot of the content from the current Creative Europe programme will be kept. There are also plans for additional actions such as:

  • Mobility for artists
  • Policy development
  • Digital transformation of the audiovisual industry
  • A stronger international dimension with promotion of European works outside of EU and peer-learning processes
  • Support for social inclusion through culture
  • Support to media pluralism, quality journalism and media literacy

And funding targeted to specific sectors such as:

  • The music sector
  • Books and publishing
  • Architecture and cultural heritage
  • Design, fashion and cultural tourism

Read more about the proposal for the new programmer HERE.