Laddar Evenemang
  • Detta evenemang har redan ägt rum.

Do you waddle or do you swim at work?

Often the way we work in culture does not fit with the socially beneficial cause that we pursue. Is it worth to exploit yourself in order to provide your town with cultural content? The Penguin Project wants to learn about and positively influence the culture of work in cultural organizations. How can we create a working environment that is to us like water to penguins? In the workshop we’ll collectively inquire on what makes up our water. We’ll look at our own working environments and share stories about where we swim and where we waddle. From these stories we’ll deduct what water and land are made of in our organizations. And we’ll (hopefully) get inspired by others to create more water.”


Shawn Antoni Wright. ”After 7 years working in the creative industry as an art director and designer I took a dive into the cultural waters and have been swimming around here for the past 8 years, first in Cooltour Ostrava in Czech as head of branding and design then in Die Bäckerei in Austria as a creative consultant, cultural manager and facilitator. No matter if it’s with design, developmental processes or creative socially beneficial projects, I am always looking for ways to harmonize a culture center’s inside ideology with the outside activity.
I am a co-creator of the Penguin Project, where my personal development from working in the cultural sector now informs this projects calling, to enable a healthier culture of work in this sector.

Florian Cope-Ladstätter. ”I have worked in culture for 7 years now and I’m still loving it. In my culture centre Die Bäckerei I have done everything from finances to construction to organizational development and strategy making. In a former life I did a PhD in Organization Studies on the conditions for productive friction in organizations. Now with the Penguin Project I’m combining the learnings from my former and current life in order to bring out more happy swimming penguins.”