Thirty-five years after the foundation of Trans Europe Halles, the innovative values and work of our members seem more relevant than ever. In the early eighties, independent cultural centres were an exception. Today, the advocacy work of Trans Europe Halles concerning “Factories of Imagination – Spaces of Transformation” is very close to the idea of “Cultural Third Places”. Cultural third places are hybrid spaces open to everyone fostering cultural exchanges among different populations. The visitor is not only the spectator but rather an actor of the learning process, also part of the experimentation of knowledge and cultures

For the past 5 years, we have witnessed an extraordinary growth of this kind of independent spaces in the Greater Metropolitan Area of Paris. This movement is not only a necessity for artists, activists and entrepreneurs but also an original solution for the new challenges that we’re facing in Europe in order to:

Re-use industrial buildings
Re-value disadvantaged urban areas
Re-think the relations between art, culture and community
Re-search a sustainable social and economic model
Re-build trust, collective imagination and resilience

TEH Camp Meeting 86 will be the occasion to connect, exchange ideas and solutions and build new co-operations.

Eleftérios Kechagioglou, Director of PPCM


Wednesday 26 September

Afternoon: Presentation of TEH network to French institutions and cultural centres. All members of TEH are welcomed but note that the presentation will be in French.

Thursday 27 September

9.00-10.00 Check-in
10-13.00 Opening session with keynote speakers
13.00-14.30 Lunch at PPCM
14.30-15.00 Show: “Rudy” by Thomas Thanasi
15.30-18.30 Workshops
18.30-20.00 Dinner at PPCM
20.00-22.00 Artistic night with a focus on PPCM artistic incubator with “Borderless” of Seb&Blanca, “Robert n’a pas de paillettes” of Arthur Sidoroff and “Je ne peux pas mourir” of Cie La Geste
22.00 Party at PPCM

Friday 28 September

09.30-10.00 Warm-up
10.00-13.00 Workshops
13.00-14.30 Lunch at PPCM
14.30-17.30 Creative workshops
18.30-20.30 Dinner at PPCM
20.30-22.00 Official celebration: 35th anniversary of TEH and 250th anniversary of modern circus. Show: “Piano sur le fil”
22.00 Party at PPCM

Saturday 29 September

9.30-10.00 Warm-up
10.00-13.00 Wrap up and general assembly
13.00-14.30 Lunch
14.30-15.30 Show: “Union Black”, a co-production of PPCM, Subtopia, CMF and COL
16.00 show in Bagneux “78 Tours” of La Meute
18.30-20.00 Dinner at PPCM
20.00 Party at PPCM

Sunday 30 September

Sunday Outings (TBC)


Le plus petit cirque du monde (PPCM) is a very particular organisation in the French cultural landscape. It’s a place for artistic research and experimentation. It aims at promoting talent and encourages the emergence of innovative artistic proposals. Its artistic programme combines circus arts, hip-hop dance and emerging urban practices with more conventional arts, such as music and theatre.

From the beginning of the association in 1992, the volunteers of PPCM dreamed of building a permanent circus. This dream became reality in 2014 when the construction, led by Loïc Julienne and Patrick Bouchain, started on the grounds of the former gymnasium Marcel Cachin. In June 2015, the 1900 sqm building dedicated to circus arts and new acrobatic practices, was inaugurated.

In its new premises, PPCM supports contemporary production and professionals in the field of performing arts. Its activities include artistic residencies, production of both local and international artistic projects and presenting shows.

PPCM is also very involved in educational issues and social circus. Traditionally, the organisation aims to promote circus among children and youngsters as a mean for social transformation. And they do it in collaboration with local and international partners. Indeed, more than 40 classes from partnering schools integrated circus into their educational activities last year thanks to PPCM.

PPCM also encourages the development of young people and the social circus sector through concrete actions such as youth exchanges, training for trainers’ programmes and research projects.

Nowadays, PPCM offers the first university diploma in social circus, as well as a training programme that combines circus arts with urban acrobatics, including disciplines such as hip-hop, parkour and slackline.


Bagneux is one of the youngest city of Paris area. In 2014, 40% of its 40.000 inhabitants was less than 29 years old. It is well-known for the diversity of its population. Small pavilions stand alongside big apartment blocks. More than 60% of these accommodations are made for social housing.

Bagneux is becoming increasingly attractive. In the heart of the scientific valley of the Bièvre –3 km away from Paris–, Bagneux is nowadays the place to find lots of emerging projects. And it has great potential for social, economic and employment development. The arrival of 2 subway lines, connecting with the Ile-de France, gives complementary strengths to attract businesses.

Bagneux is going through a new phase of urban planning with many projects aiming at creating new housing. A new high school is to be open in a few years right next to the PPCM.


Early Bird Registration – Until 15 July

TEH Members and Associates – 145€
2nd, 3rd participant from TEH Members and Associates -125€
General audience – 170€


Regular Registration – From 16 July to 15 September

TEH Members and Associates -170€
2nd, 3rd participant from TEH Members and Associates – 150€
General audience- 200€

The registration price includes meals and access to all events of the PPCM Circus Festival, taking place in the centre the same days.


We have put some useful information for you about Bagneux, how to travel there, and a list of recommended hotels. We highly recommend booking your flight tickets and hotels as soon as possible. On the same dates as TEH Camp Meeting, there will be a circus festival in the area, which makes hotel reservations more urgent as there are only a few places nearby PPCM. We highly encourage you to book accommodation now as the PPCM team have reserved places for TEH guests at the local hotels, but the reservation is valid only until 15 July.


Still thirsty for information? Visit TEH Camp Meeting 86 website. Follow TEH86 Facebook event. Is something not clear? Drop us an email: Domitille Simon, domitille@ppcm.fr (PPCM) and Michel Quéré, michel@teh.net (TEH).